Monday, June 14

another busy one

this weekend was one full of rain, house projects, shopping trips, a queen mattress, a charcoal grill, a late night at the beacon, 12 people for lunch at my house sunday, an afternoon of bulls and broncs, college style, and a new puppy named foxy.

friday night scott and i went on a shopping spree, and he bought a charcoal grill for my patio so we could grill steaks for company on sunday, and i bought a queen mattress for my new downstairs bedroom space. the delivery boys dropped it off saturday morning, but the queen box spring was too big to fit down my basement stairs, so they're bringing a split box spring in a week. they only had one at the store, and it was broke, they said, so it had to be ordered.

i really need to move all my clothes downstairs, because right now i've got half up and half down, and that makes getting ready for the work in the morning pretty inconvenient. i went ahead and started sleeping on the queen mattress downstairs, even though it's not on the bed frame yet.

saturday i spent on house projects, getting ready for the following day's company, and shopping trip to odds and ends and ross.

from ross: two sets of queen sheets, down-filled queen mattress pad, a queen blanket, two new pillows, lamp, bedside carafe, cute blue enamel pot and two organizers, all for a very reasonable amount, especially when it comes to bedding.

from odds and ends: a new chair, very sturdy, with great re-paint potential, for $14.

and a long shelf with five pegs for my dressing/craft room downstairs.

my house projects included this broom/cleaning supplies peg rack just inside the basement door from the kitchen.

and mounting this shelf above my stovetop.

when the mattress delivery boys showed up i locked lucy in her crate, and she was really workin the puppy dog eyes.

saturday night heather and i went out to the beacon to check out the band and the cnfr crowd. it was actually pretty good, so we stayed just about until close and i got home at 2 a.m.

i don't have any photos of the sunday dinner or the people who came, because i was too busy making sure it was all ready. i realized that i really need another silverware set and more steak knives. and some more plates wouldn't hurt. (this warrants another ross trip. great place to get things like that )

to go from one or two people eating to a dozen requires quite a bit more tableware... but the food turned out well and everyone seemed to enjoy it and from there most of us went to the events center to watch the bulls and broncs all afternoon on the first day of the college national finals rodeo, which runs all week.

following the rodeo scott and i went by friend jamie's house to pick up his puppy foxy. she's a brick, and take a look at these paws:

i took this photo of her this morning. she's 3/4 heeler, so she'll look similar to lucy, but shorter and stockier from the look of her. i love the white on her tail. she's a little aggressive toward lucy, and that concerns me a little with the cats, but she's a people dog and we'll see how she settles in. i told scott i didn't mind keeping her at the house, because otherwise she'd be left alone at the ranch all week. besides, i enjoy having dogs around. today while i'm at work she and lucy are locked out in the patio and yard at the house. going to stop by mid-day and see how that's going.

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