Friday, June 11

my week to learn

this week was a rather busy one around the roundup office, with assist editor heather in gillette representing the paper at a trade show and this also being the chosen for me to learn how to lay out the paper, because designer tracy would like to take a vacation every now and then. it took me pretty much two days to figure it out, with layout out the ad placement, fitting in the text and figuring out the correct way to finish up the odds and ends. it turned out ok, aside from the fight with some corrupted images we had this morning when we were trying to export the pages to our printer.

honestly, i've been putting these posts on my blog because i needed a break from fighting with my computer. :-P

aside from that, this week our cover featured those in the running for wyoming governor - the primary is mid-august,  more discussion about the upset landowners who are mad about the game and fish commission's regulations on their private property, an update on the grasshopper hatch, which is every bit as bad as the worst predictions, and the feature article heather wrote about chelsea moore, a gillette college student who's dominating college rodeo and sits in the top slots of several events heading into next week's college national finals rodeo, held here in casper.

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