Monday, June 7

campfire cooking

this last weekend i went camping with sister melissa and her friend sarah in an area known as buffalo creek, northwest of casper about two and a half hours and three-quarters tank of fuel. part of the reason it took so long to get there is that the road was a typical wyoming mountain road in the spring, and one had to go very slow around the bumps and rocks and through the ruts, especially since we were towing horses.

i took the dutch oven that my parents gave me for christmas, and saturday evening melissa made a really good pork pot pie type of thing in it.

at this point it was smelling really good and i snitched some of the pork. it also had apples and sweet potatoes in it, then a biscuit topping that she dropped on top of all of it.

cooking away. we had some pretty good coals, but not perfect, and we should have taken it off a little sooner because the bottom did start to burn.

and puppy lucy learned that one of the best parts of camping is that the dogs get to lick out the pots.

after melissa's two big dogs had their turn, lucy took a long while to get everything she could off the bottom.

even though it was burned, she was determined.

she did a pretty good job.

and now the pot is well-seasoned. :-)

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