Friday, June 4

the piano ordeal

amidst the bargaining, inspections, repairs and closing on my house, at some point the owner asked me, through my realtor, if i'd like to keep the piano that was in the front room. i didn't have any use for it, but it was in pretty good shape, so i happened to mention it to heather, and she said she'd take it.

so that's how the piano happened to be left in the house, and there it sat as i moved all my stuff in, and the second weekend in the house scott was back from branding and we had already recruited friend eddy to move the washer and dryer the night before, so he stuck around and helped move the piano on a sunny saturday morning.

heather came over to supervise her new piano's journey out the door, down the steps and into scott's horse trailer:

so heather and i mostly observed as the boys tried to decide on the best strategy for moving it.

when we stopped for a break as the piano was halfway down the front steps, i was still wondering if it was going to make it to the bottom in one piece, but it did, and another rest break was taken before putting it on the fancy dolly that eddy had brought over from his shop.

and the piano made it safely across the grass and up into the trailer. unloading it at heather's was no big, as it was simply put back on the dolly and wheeled across her driveway and into her garage.

and while we were at heather's puppy lucy got to visit with pearl, with whom she's best buds. sometimes heather puppysits for me, and apparently lucy and pearl have a big time in the yard. it's not a very good photo, but the expressions were such that i had to post it. :-)

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