Tuesday, June 29

the flower tub

so i finally quit procrastinating my wonderful wash tub and it's now full of flowers and sitting on the stump on my street corner. i like how cheerful it is in the morning light.

this is the street heading north from my house, and my gubernatorial candidate sign. ron micheli is a rancher from fort bridger in southwest wyoming. he's been director of the department of ag, and i think he's a good bet for wyoming's next leader.

when i bought the tickseed flowers for the tub i also bought some daisies, which for now i've placed on either side of my lower concrete steps. and if you look close, both of the rose bushes are blooming. the small one by the concrete steps will be red, and the big one to the left of the wood steps is pink.

so this is what i had leftover after planting the tub.... two daisies, daylilies and some moss roses.

i've had this old red wheelbarrow from boss dennis for some time now. he gave it to me to use at the barn for my horses, but it's a little small to be practical, and short to push, so i'm thinkin i'm going to drill holes in the bottom, fill it with dirt and plant flowers in it. i've been doing that a lot lately. :-) (the old blanket on it is a recent garage sale gift from friend jamie for the pups' outdoor bed.)

speaking of pups, the youngster foxy is still doing well, and seems to have gotten the hang of going out the dog door to pee. she's a lot easier to get along with now that she's got a grasp on that, and now that she's quiet in the crate at night.

how can anyone resist these sweet faces? i love my pups. ok, our pups. foxy is still technically scott's. :-)

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