Monday, June 28

the weekend

the last weekend of june 2010 included a celebration of mr and mrs michael dwyer! saturday evening i attended the wedding here in town at three crowns golf course with scott, as well as fellow roundup coworkers and assist editor heather, who was also the wedding photographer.

as you can see, the weather held for the ceremony, even though it looked like we were going to get it from a small raincloud. instead, it went around us, and the whole thing went off without a hitch.

coworker paula has been with the roundup since last august, but she fits into our group so well that it doesn't seem like that short of a time. :-)

their wedding colors were orange, pink and yellow - a combination i would have chosen myself. i loved her orange bouquet.

and instead of raining on us, the cloud went around and we were treated to a pretty rainbow, and i'm anxious to see heather's photos, as i'm sure the combination of the pretty bride, green scenery and the rainbow came together for some good ones!

otherwise, the weekend wasn't too busy, with the paradise valley-wide garage sales on the west end of town, where friend jamie and heather live, on saturday morning. i didn't purchase anything, but i did gain a few chairs after the sale that are ideal candidates for slipcovers from friend dorothy, but i have yet to pick them up.

following garage sales i trailered my mares back in from the ranch before the wedding. sunday i bought more flowers for the galvanized wash tub i've intended to put on my street corner, and i planted them this morning before work, and it's just what the corner needed.

sunday evening was spent adjusting and readjusting the sprinklers coworker jody gave to me, and i think i got the job done. with all the rain we've had, this is the first time i've had to water this summer. in the 90s this week, though.

otherwise, the free time this week will be spent getting ready for the trip home to iowa on thursday. planning to take several pairs of jeans to be starched today, and scott will shape my new seratelli hat for me so i can bring it along and show it off, along with the spurs he had made for my birthday. :-)

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  1. I think that the whole point of a wedding is to go off with a hitch...