Wednesday, June 2

more gifts

some time ago scott bought me these two prints done by a photographer his sister penny knows. i had them for a while and moved them to the new house before taking them in to hobby lobby for mattes and frames. i just picked them up last week, and i'm very pleased with the finished product.

these aren't their final hanging places in the house, i just hung them on existing nails for now, until i decide where to pair them up. i'm still in love with the yellow wall in the front room.

the top photo is of the little log church up at a place called esterbrook just east of laramie peak. it's very pretty, i went up there once on a tour for the roundup. i'm not sure where the windmill one was taken, but it appears to be the same evening.

a new house development is that i've decided not to have a renter move into the finished basement living quarters, at least for now, and i'm at least not going to force it. i'm going to turn the upstairs bedroom, which is a little small with limited clothes storage, into an office/guest room, leaving the existing twin bed there, and put the new full-size bed i'm going to get downstairs, and move my bedroom down there. i figure, i bought a house so i'd have more space, so why not spread out? then i'll make part of that living space downstairs into my project room for my sewing and fabric, and then i don't have to be in as much of a rush to get the laundry room finished and presentable.


  1. I like this latest house idea! It will be your own master suite that way.

  2. Uh, you know the plastic is supposed to come off the lamp shade don't you? ;)