Friday, June 11

new furniture!

some of you have already seen these photos, but this is how my front room is shaping up to look. the bookcases are a recent odds and ends find, and i was a little surprised how quickly they filled up with different things i've collected over the years. the painting on the brick will have to move once the wood stove comes, and i'd like to find an upholstered chair to go in the corner on the left in front of that bookcase, to provide just a little more seating in the space. looking forward to curling up on the loveseat this winter with the fire going and a real christmas tree in front of the window. :-)

just a couple more photos with a little more detail.

the burgundy curtains and scalloped wood valance still need to go, but that's low priority. eventually i will replace the windows - they need it - and hopefully invest in wood blinds.

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