Friday, June 11

april, may and june showers bring july flowers?

it's raining in wyoming this spring. even during the years where we don't get a lot of winter moisture, the range still greens up a little bit. this spring is shaping up to be like last spring, with late snowstorms followed by frequent, widespread rain showers.

last june in the pinedale area in on the west side of the state it rained at least once a day for 23 days straight. last night i went for prime rib at the beacon with scott, trav and dorothy and after we finished we lingered over our drinks until the rain stopped coming down so hard.

the reservoirs in the state are full, or pushing capacity, and parts of southern and western wyoming, up against the mountains, are experiencing severe flooding because of the rain added to a quick melt-off and run-out from the high country.

the wildflowers are beautiful, although they were only just starting to bloom on the camping trip to buffalo creek last weekend. it's remaining cool again this june.

tomorrow is supposed to have a high of 47, with snow possible down to 6,000 feet - casper sits at 5,300, to put that in perspective.

someone just stopped in the office, 'are you enjoying the moisture?' they asked coworker jody. that's the way people in wyoming refer to these things - it's always 'moisture,' not 'rain' or 'snow.' they know that every little bit helps, as too many times they've been without.

so that's the state of the weather in these parts - it's basically a replay of last spring, chilly and wet, and aside from the flooding in some areas, everyone knows better than to complain.

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