Thursday, June 24

summer mornings

i haven't posted anything so far this week, because just the normal things have been going on - mowed the grass, been working, did some candidate interviews, things like that. this is what my house looks like this summer - not much has changed with it.

i'm still in love with how sunny my kitchen and front room are in the morning. it's quite cheery, and perfect for morning coffee and browsing a decorating magazine (or writing a blog post) early in the morning before showering and heading to the office.

one of my containers of johnny jump ups on the front porch. i got several of them this year for the first time, and i really like them.

this is one of those tuberous begonias that's also doing very well, and more jump ups.

my purple vine that has little white flowers. i never can remember the names of these things, but they're pretty. :-)

there are a variety of pots going down my front steps. some of the flowers aren't open yet from the night, and others, like the dahlia, are still coming back from the rain and cold we had a week or so ago.

the pups were wondering what i was doing outside without their assistance.

this is the lovely outdoor thermometer/clock/humidity measurer that coworker jody got me at hobby lobby. i really like it, and it will go perfectly with my patio decor.

my herb garden, in the side patio.

and the vine containers in the patio.

maybe this weekend i will have the chance to plant the galvanized tub i found for the stump on the corner. either that or finish hanging shelves in the bathrooms - i found three more that i need to paint at salvation army for 95 cents each. i'll be around most of the weekend, with coworker paula's wedding to attend at the golf course saturday evening. i still need to dig through my skirts and figure out which one i can stand wearing. it's been a long time. :-P

oh! and another great find at odds and ends that i brought home yesterday and had scott help me carry to the basement. i will take a photo and share with you later today. :-)

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