Friday, June 25

as promised (a day late)

sorry, i got busy filling a hole in our special county fair section in the paper yesterday afternoon, and didn't get to post these photos. but this is my newest find from the greatest store in casper - odds and ends:

scott went with me to pick it up, and all along he said 'this better fit down into the basement.' there are three pinch points heading into my basement: from the kitchen getting around the cupboards and down into the stairwell, around the corner in the stairwell, and then through the narrow door into the finished area. but, thankfully, my new mini loveseat made it through all three - the first was a little tight, ok a lot tight.

$50 price tag! i stopped by the store wednesday, and saw it there, and saw the price, but walked away. and then thought about it that evening, and the next morning, so i stopped by on thursday, deciding if it was still there i would get it. my plan is to paint the wood a coordinating color with whatever fabric i decide to put on it. recovering might be a challenge, as the cushions are attached. i'll have to find some tutorials, and maybe use a fabric that's not too expensive in case the first attempt is a flop.

but i couldn't resist getting it for the sitting area i'll set up in the master bedroom downstairs. it will contribute to a perfect cozy corner.

and link likes it too.

speaking of my cats.

at 1 a.m. i missed a phone call from a person telling me my cat was in their house.


turns out it was lexus, and she'd wandered through an open door. i got her back this morning before i came to work. apparently she packed her kitty bags and decided to find a new home.

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