Monday, July 12

dinner on the grill

i don't have a whole lot of time to post, as this week will be very busy with state fair special edition deadline, moving the roundup office and my housewarming party friday night and all the cleaning and rearranging that will precede it. so, instead of taking all the time to post photos from this last weekend's branding out at trav's, here's a photo of scott last night as he grilled delicious tenderloin, salmon and portabello mushrooms for dinner while i cleaned up the house and worked some more on my yard clean-up projects that took most of the afternoon yesterday.

this was another one of my projects, which i started on a whim yesterday afternoon:

even though the carpet was in good shape, it just had to go, with all the traffic from people, puppies and cats that goes up and down these stairs, and look how much dirt was underneath it already. i was pleased to find this finished - albeit outdated - set of stairs under the piece of carpet tacked down. eventually, since some of the tile is cracked, i would like to either pull it up and be sans tile, or retile with updated colors. we'll see. for now, at least, it will be clean.

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