Tuesday, July 13

trav's branding

these photos were taken last friday night out at trav's place at waltman, about 60 or so miles west of casper toward shoshoni.

i think we should brand in the evening more often. the light was gorgeous!

friend eddy, with his one-eyed horse woody.

scott and one of his black horses, fiddler.

we only branded 10 head friday night, with the bulk of them branded saturday late morning. i got back into casper about 10 p.m. saturday, but that was ok. it was a good weekend, doing good work with good people. and the food was delicious! ribs friday night, and brisket for lunch saturday when we were all done. the post-branding lunch alone is enough incentive for me to go to brandings. i also met three women from riverton whom i really liked, so that was a nice change from the usual mostly-male crowd at these events.

speaking of gorgeous light, this was the sunset that welcomed scott and me back to wyoming from iowa last tuesday:

on the horizon to the right you can see some of the wind towers that have gone up in the last year. wind energy development is one thing wyoming is working really hard on figuring out.

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