Wednesday, July 14

the goddard girls

last night i went down to the fairgrounds, where the central wyoming fair is taking place this week, to visit with the goddard sisters about their projects for this week's edition of the paper.

the one in the top photo is nicole, and the one in the lower photo is taylor. they're both great girls, and were conversational and were able - that's the key, with kids - to tell me all about their projects. between them they have many sheep, goats, chickens, crafting and baking projects. taylor's rooster has already won best in show. i enjoy doing county fair interviews, and the pictures always turn out great. can't beat kids and livestock. :-)

while i was at the fairgrounds i ran into katie keith, and she also showed me her sheep and her heifers, which she's pretty proud of. last spring she picked four out of her grandpa's herd, and these two she chose to take to the fair. she had just won second with the heifer to the right of the photo. if all junior highers were like katie, i would for sure volunteer to work with them. of course, most 4-H junior highers are probably just fine. it's the nature of the program.

this is a photo of the new roundup office building, to which we're moving this weekend. i stopped by and took a photo of it this morning to go in this week's paper to let our readers know. it's close to downtown, which is exciting, because that means it's close to one of my favorite coffee shops and my favorite soup/sandwich shop. :-)

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