Wednesday, July 14

tuesday evening project

so, the epic organizing project i undertook last night, with scott's help, is kind of like the laundry room project of a couple weeks ago.

this patio has been a wreck ever since i moved my horses out of galles stables and therefore all my barn stuff came to my house. last night we organized and cleaned and moved all of it. it doesn't look as spectacular as the vision i have for it eventually, but for now i'm just glad it's back to being a clean slate.

look! it's all swept, the tree debris cleaned up, the puppy destruction cleared away. eventually i would like to tear out that solid fence, keeping the posts, and put up lattice instead, and start some flowering vines climbing up it. i would like the patio to feel more open, yet still have some privacy, so that's the solution that works, in my head, at least. and the gate need to be addressed. it's heavy and is hard to open. for now my hoses, sprinklers and watering can are corralled in a recycled mineral tub, repurposed from the stack i had for horse water and hay tubs.

the dogs have nothing more to get into all day long. my herb garden in the old roaster pan is doing well.

inside this shed used to be a stack of boxes, tubs, dog food, swamp cooler, you name it. now it's all organized and put away, and there's even room for the dog blanket. the shop broom and large dust pan are new additions for when i sweep the yard debris and sticks off the sidewalk. sure beats the small household broom and cardboard box i've been using.

the garage itself is still a wreck, with roommate amanda's stuff, but it's just going to have to stay that way for a little while longer. i need to get more nails and hooks for the walls in the shed for hanging my garden and barn tools, and my various pieces of tack - extra halters and bridles.

the dog food is in the old grain barrel that i used for my horses, and the cooler and tub are at the ready for camping trips and brandings, with all the camping supplies.

so there we are - one step closer to being ready for the house party friday night. tonight's project: cleaning the upstairs inside, which mostly means vacuuming furniture and swiffering the floor to catch the pet hair.

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