Thursday, July 29

the kids play together so nicely

when i'm out in the yard in the evenings and mornings i usually let the pups out with me, and the cats like to go outside and sit on the porch or poke around the yard.

these photos here are a very common occurrence, both inside and outside of the house. the girls love to wrestle, and sometimes it gets out of hand with barking and snarling, whereupon they both get yelled at and they take a brief time-out.

and this is link. he doesn't wrestle.

he doesn't even offer to referee.

but you can bet he keeps a close eye on them, and if lucy so much as glances his direction on the way by, she's sure to get a hiss and snarl.

but the pups don't let his non-participation dampen their enthusiasm.

and at least link has a good excuse to be grumpy. and notice lexus isn't anywhere to be seen. she lays pretty low when the dogs are on the loose. she's not as defiant as link, and thus she also doesn't get the harassment that link does.

it's one big happy family. :-)

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