Thursday, July 29

personally signed copy

i finally have a copy of the pioneer woman cookbook! complements of my mom, who entered a drawing on the blog of a woman who cooked through the cookbook julie-and-julia style. if i could remember the name of the blog, i'd link to it. :-)

anyway, the blogger was planning a trip to oklahoma to meet with ree drummond, the pioneer woman, so she took this copy along with her and pw signed it with my mom's requested message, about how i grew up in iowa but have adapted well to ranch life in wyoming:

since i've been so busy, and it's been so hot and there's no air conditioning in the house, i haven't cooked much this month, but once winter hits and there's no yard work to be done and the days are dark, then i will get busy experimenting!

thanks, mom, for thinking of me and entering the drawing. :-)

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