Thursday, July 22

rain is welcome

being situated on the high plains, casper, and wyoming in general, are prone to a hot, dry climate where pastures dry out in mid-july, or earlier on the bad years, and those in town water their lawns regularly to prevent the same. so, when i woke up to a thunderstorm this morning, i was excited to see it, and the cats and i took a moment to watch the rain come down. we also had a thunderstorm last evening, and some rain during the night. that's good, because i haven't been watering as much as i probably should have!

scott says it rained a whole lot out at the ranch yesterday, and he could barely get in with his pickup. he was going to pull the horses down to trav's in preparation for this weekend's ranch rodeo, but decided against tearing everything up in the mud. he also took the pups out with him last night - becky will puppysit this weekend, and i miss having them around, but i don't think the cats do. they like having the place to themselves.

otherwise, today i need to finish up all the details for this week's paper - i didn't get far enough on it yesterday, so sent heather on a tour i would have attended at lingle in eastern wyoming today. then this evening we're having a roundup picnic, for a summer get-together and to visit with publisher dennis's daughter andrea, who's also a past coworker and now lives in south carolina.

until then, i hope it keeps raining for a while. now it's coming down slow and steady. i'll put my sprinklers away for a few days!

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