Tuesday, July 20

survey of 3s

on sunday my coworker and friend heather posted a 'survey of three' on her blog, double h photography, and tagged me to be a part of it, so here's my version of answers:

3 names i go by:
1. Christine Lynn - from my parents. explanation: 'christine' is spelled the german way, so it's spelled with an 'e' on the end, but pronounced 'christina.' now you know. :-)
2. Kikki - this is all my brother nathan calls me, a nickname that began way back when he wasn't old enough to say my name, and it stuck. now a few of his friends back in iowa only know me as kikki, and several of my friends call me that.
3. Keeks - a shortened version of kikki, which began in college. used less often now that the ex-him is out of my life, but several, including friend kat in new york city, of kitty in the city, still call me keeks.

3 places i've been: (i love going places, do i only get to list three?)
1. Prince Edward Island, Canada - a fun trip with my mom and sister, because the only reason we went was because we wanted to see the island. and i got to see new england, which was different.
2. Las Cruces, New Mexico - another fun, last-minute trip where i flew from st. paul, minn down to el paso, texas to visit my good friend holly, who spent a semester at new mexico state. another interesting trip, because otherwise i'd have no reason to see that part of the country.
3. Alberta, Canada - a trip taken many years ago with my aunt diana, uncle mitch and cousins jeremiah and emily, who were all moving to a town near calgary. got to hike the canadian rockies, visit some caves, see lake louise and tour calgary. now i just need to get back up there for the stampede!

3 favorite drinks:
1. 20 oz hazelnut latte - it's what i always order when i buy coffee. it's dependable, and not too sweet, no matter what coffee shop i walk into.
2. Pendleton whiskey and Sprite Zero, chock full of ice - a new favorite, since i discovered Sprite Zero doesn't taste like diet soda.
3. Coffee with a little bit of milk - best enjoyed several mugs in a row on saturday morning

3 jobs i've had:
1. Linden Dining Center - food service, in college, at the dorm building known as linden, across the courtyard from the building in which i lived. i liked working in linden. the university closed it down in consolidation after my first year.
2. Jet's personal exerciser - a big black horse i rode and trained for a woman in ames. he was a nut, but i really liked that horse. i took him a lot of places.
3. Highland Park Community Church - the Casper church were i worked part-time for two years. i really liked it, because it was a good way to get to know everyone involved in the church. but, i'm really grateful to have my weekends back.

3 tv shows i watch: (well.... it's been a long time.... i can't remember the last time i watched tv, or had time to)
1. 30 Rock - i did watch all three (or four?) seasons in short order on the 'watch instantly' option of netflix. i like tina fey.
2. Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives - with guy fieri on food network, it's one that i like to catch if i'm on the road in a hotel room for the roundup. he has a great personality for tv, and i always try to remember the places i should stop when i'm around the country, but i never do.
3. Funniest Home Videos - they're always on, and they always crack me up

3 favorite retro tv shows:
1. ?
2. ?
3. i had enough trouble coming up with current tv shows

3 favorite dishes: (again, only three?)
1. Snow Pea Stir-Fry - snow peas, mushrooms, slivered almonds, soy sauce, corn starch. all sauteed together and happy. it's easy and delicious.
2. a big fat bowl of ice cream with chocolate chunks (on a hot summer evening, while flipping through a magazine)
3. Kicked-Up Tuna Melts - Emeril Lagasse's doctored up tuna melts. tuna, black olives, red onion, pepper, capers, lemon juice, etc. can't beat them. under the broiler with thick slices of white cheese. then i eat most of the whole bowl of leftovers before it hits the fridge.

3 things to which i'm looking forward: (only three? this is tough. i'm going to cheat)
1. meeteetse ranch rodeo this weekend - wish us luck!
2. wind river pack trip - second annual trip packing with my sister for several days in the mountains
3. a visit from the parents - to see my new house!
4. meeteetse labor day rodeo - was a good time last year, expecting no less this time around.
5. finding out if my mares are bred - i think jazz might be showing a little. it's either that, or that there's just a lot of grass this year
6. decorating my new house for christmas! (yes, i'm already making plans and know where the tree will go)

3 people i'm tagging:
1. Holly, of Musings
2. Kat, of Kitty in the City
3. Carrie, my mother (make a facebook note! :-) )

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