Monday, August 30

red letters

if you read the post late last april, the day i closed on my house, you will remember i was musing about what other life events could possible take place in 2010. my dreams were only as big as a gooseneck horse trailer. :-)

well, as of saturday night there's another red letter event to add to the list, as shortly after talking to my dad while on a driving tour of the association and surrounding country, scott took me to a remote location on the ranch, through a place known as eagles gap to a drainage full of springs and aspen trees, and asked me if i would marry him. he said he took me there because it's a place we both enjoy - out in the open, on the ranch, in the midst of sagebrush and aspens. and he was right.

and i said yes.

from there we drove to the top of the 'mountain' at the north end of the association, and watched two thunderstorms move through to the north and the south, and the sun set between them, the pinks and oranges showing through the distant sheets of rain down below. it was gorgeous. you realize this country out here is big, and then you go up to a place like that and realize it's immense.

so now there's lots of planning to be done on that front, but not until i survive the next two weeks at the paper, as we've got to special feature editions, and our annual fall cattlemen's special edition, all of which has to be done before i leave for pendleton, ore. on sept. 12. i'm a little scared of the next two weeks, but hopefully it will come together more easily than i'm afraid.

and that's other news - my parents did make it out to visit, arriving late friday night. they were in casper until saturday afternoon, when they headed over to lander to visit my sister, and i expect them back in town around 4 today, before they leave to return to iowa tomorrow morning.

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