Monday, September 13

1:30 a.m. pacific time...

which means it's 2:30 a.m. wyoming time.... got into the airport shortly after 11, picked up my car with not much problem. it's some little two-door mitsubishi thing. i have no idea. i just took the keys and didn't ask questions. then the only holiday inn express on the map the hertz girl gave me turned out to be the wrong holiday inn express, and you should have seen the feats i went to to find that first one. i forgot to mapquest it myself before leaving denver. my mistake. then got lost again finding the second holiday inn express. then got to this one, and the front doors were locked. figures.

that's the last time i make advance hotel reservations in a strange town for a late-night arrival. i drove past 2039486798542 perfectly acceptable hotels, but this one had already been charged to the roundup credit card so i had to find it.

up at five, gotta leave here at 6 to make it to pendleton on time.

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