Sunday, September 12

the denver airport

well, here i am with all the other schmucks awaiting their planes at the denver airport. it's 7:26, and mine is supposed to depart at 9-something. almost 10, i think, because i won't get to pasco until 11:08. i'll stay there tonight, then travel the 71.85 miles - according to mapquest - to pendleton, oregon in the morning, before the 8 a.m. start to the meeting, which lasts until 5 p.m. that may sound like a long ways to go to start the day, but it's nothing unusual for one used to driving around the open spaces of wyoming. i'll leave pasco at 6:30 and be there in plenty of time. in theory. the red lion hotel where the meeting will be held is supposed to be right off the interstate - also according to mapquest.

i will spend tuesday in meetings as well, and hopefully dig up a main cover article for this week's paper in the meantime. if i can find a wyoming angle and a good photo before wednesday, it'll be a go. i've come a long way from last january, and being so nervous about having a guaranteed plan for our cover. :-) that's why i'm glad this trip was so far into the year - i'm pretty settled into my new position at the paper, and confident i can cover all my usual responsibilities remotely.

and, i'm excited for this trip, as washington and oregon are two states to which i've never been, so i can check them off my list. and what better reason to take such a trip than a: on business and b: for the centennial of a great rodeo? and it's also the first time i'll have gotten a rental car on my own, since i'm now of age, so that will also be a new experience in a new state, but it can't be that hard.

i will try to keep you updated on the happenings of the week, as it's sure to be an epic adventure.

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