Thursday, September 23

just working

well, it's another busy week with not much time for posting on my blog.

since jody's mother passed away last week, she went to greybull to be with her family yesterday. the service is on saturday, and i'm making the journey up there with publisher dennis.

since she's out of the office, tracy and i are filling in for her, which means i built the classifieds. that would be fine, except i was already behind with spending all day tuesday on the road getting three more fall cattlemen's interviews for that special edition. i stayed a couple hours late at the office last night, intending to start building the classifieds at home last evening, but i forgot the run sheet on the printer. that's a very important part, because it's what tells me which display ads are going in the classifieds this week, and where they go. so instead, i sent tracy some more editorial things and called it a night.

that's about all i have time to write for now... just finishing the paper in a full day today, and hopefully going antelope hunting tonight. i don't know, though, i've been saying that for three evenings now.

the photo is a yearling i found in fremont county on my first trip over there a couple weeks ago.

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