Tuesday, September 21

the short go

just a couple photos of the short go in pendleton that i picked out of the many, many in my file. the above photo is jason miller of lance creek in steer wrestling. he was the first to go, and set a pretty good time, but it was quickly beaten by a series of good runs by a few of the other contestants.

needless to say, this guy did not post a good time. since the arena is grass, there's a lot of slipping and falling that goes on, as the horses aren't used to the slick footing. they do shoe them specially, with more traction, but some of them still lose their balance. the turf is just a part of the tradition and challenge of competing at the round-up. that's the way they've always done it, and they've been doing it  for 100 years, so they're not going to stop now.

and i had another photo of kelly timberman on his victory lap for bareback riding, but i cannot get it to load, so maybe later.

scott and i got back into town sunday evening around six, and by the time we finished with everything we needed to - cleaning the office included, it was late enough that we went straight to bed upon getting home.

yesterday i spent in the office getting this week's paper going - already the last one in september, how did that happen? - and today i'm headed back to fremont county. first i go to jeffrey city at 9, then on to crowheart for a noon interview. hopefully i will get at least one more before coming back to casper. this is the first cattlemen's edition that has been so impossible for scheduling interviews. it feels like it's been a fight for every single one both heather and i have completed, and it's been that way since the start. thankfully, our deadline has been pushed back a week, from this friday to oct. 1, so we have a little more time to pick up a few more. and melissa is also working on a couple more, so that will also help, if she's able to get them done. at least, with this edition being the latest deadline since i've been at the roundup, we should be able to get some great fall color photos to include.

last night i went up to the ranch with scott to pick up the pups and show a friend of *my sister-in-law's* - penny's - where to go to bow hunt for elk. i think that's the area we showed them. :-) i was going to visit with becky at the house while scott did that, but she was in town. it's good to have the dogs back in the house! although somewhat (alot) more chaotic.

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