Thursday, October 14

back in the bridger valley

it's autumn in wyoming! granted it may be four or five weeks late, but the temperatures are cooling, the trees are turning, and the thought of snow has entered peoples' minds.

the above photo was taken in wyoming's bridger valley, clear down in the southwest corner of the state. so far, that it falls off into utah most of the time. to get here, one has to drive and drive across the desert on i-80 - a less-than-scenic experience - and finally the interstate drops off and cuts across the north end of the valley, which is filled with small towns, irrigation, meadows, cattle and sheep. i like it there, it's just that it takes so long to get to!

i'm in this area for the two-day agrifuture conference, organized by the wyoming department of agriculture and held in evanston. on my way by bridger valley - 30 miles to the east - i stopped and visited with dale micheli, a hereford producer. he's just finished up his first year on the american hereford association board of directors, and that's what we visited about, before going out to take a look at a few of his bulls and getting some photos. their annual bull sale is in a couple weeks, so they're busy gearing up for that. last year they got blizzarded out. hopefully the weather won't change that quickly for that to happen this year.

so today includes more meeting-sitting for me. then headed back to the ranch tomorrow afternoon to spend some time before heading to laramie on saturday. too busy!

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