Friday, October 15

the saga of source gas

SourceGas is the local natural gas supplier. their record keeping is atrocious.

here is exhibit A:

August - paid normal bill for $26.02, received a check in return for the same amount
September - paid normal bill, $26.02 said to be overdue
October - received notice of disconnect for $50.54. called the office, they said they had the payment, faxed them payment records to straighten it out. next day, received normal bill, showing overdue payment. one day later, received check in the amount of $50.54.

what is one supposed to do with stupid utility companies? one side of them is charging me overdue and threatening to stop service, and the other half is sending me money.

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  1. That's kinda funny. Almost like they have a mole that is trying to undermine the company and help the little people out.