Thursday, October 21

this is what i dream of doing...

 this picture here is pretty comparable to what my laundry room currently looks like. disorganized, bland, not functional.

pretty much, not a space you'd want to spend much time in.

right now mine stores a few christmas decorations, has a tile floor in poor shape, the upstairs bathroom drain runs right down through the middle, and not only that, it pretty much splits the washer and dryer, so i have to work around it to flip my laundry. this project was featured today on design*sponge.
i would love to transform my laundry space into what this space turned into. i actually don't care for the wallpaper or the tiling on the floor, but at least it's clean and organized and pretty! i like the artwork, and the counter.

i'd like to move my dryer around to the right side of my washer, like it's supposed to be. why have my last two places had dryer hookups on the left side of the washer? it's very inconvenient, and no, the door on my washer does not flip around so it opens to the left instead of right.

that way, if i moved the dryer, the pole issue would be solved, and i could put in a counter top similar to this one that would stretch over to the left into the space where the dryer currently sits. i could put drawers or bins beneath it.

i really need to redo the floor, and repaint the seafoam green walls, and tear the weird tiling off that covers part of the wall. and i've love to put in ceiling tiles, and finish off the raw wall that shows the studs from the finished living space downstairs. it also shows the new plumbing for the downstairs bathroom. at least it would be really easy to fix any plumbing problems!

a plus to my basement laundry room: it has three good-sized windows, so there's plenty of natural light. and there's a closet where i store clothing from days gone by - shoes and sandals and dresses and skirts. i guess i still think that maybe someday i'll be in need of that sort of attire. i did wear one of the skirts to paula's wedding last summer. i guess it's my wardrobe to save for that once-a-year need.

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