Thursday, October 21

ideally autumn

can anyone find anything more ideally autumn than this, from heather bullard's blog? i like the vines, and the burlap on the table. i see hancock fabrics has burlap on sale this weekend, and i would love to pick some up and put it to use somewhere. so far my weekend wanderings (whilst i'm a hunter's widow) will include the one-day sale at macy's (i have a gift card from cousin aaron and wife jenny) and hancock fabrics, and probably odds and ends, too! i've also looked into how to make a top-down roman shade for my living room windows. i can never decide which fabric to use... there are too many pretty patterns, colors and textures.

this color palatte is from one of my regular visits, colourlovers, and it's one that the upstairs of my house tends to follow. except i've  added deep blue instead of dark purple. so maybe the shades in my living room i will make from mustard yellow, to continue the yellow color on the walls of the front room?

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  1. I saw the Heather Bullard gazebo on her blog & loved it. Burlap is all the rage on the decorating blogs. I hope you find some this weekend.