Wednesday, October 20

walk in the woods

tonight after work scott and i loaded the pups and went up on the mountain for an evening walk. it was a wonderful evening, especially for oct. 20. we brought one of their dog toys to play fetch as we walked on the trails that serve as cross country ski paths in the winter.

we got our wedding party invites in the mail yesterday! i'm very pleased with the printing job, and we handed out/sent the first of them today.

yesterday i also called on our real wedding rings which we ordered mid-august, and they should be done right before scott's birthday in a month.

i also scheduled the chimney sweep/inspection appointment for the wood stove, and he can't come for two weeks.

and, i found out that i don't need a birth certificate to get my social security card changed, and therefore all my other records - bank account, drivers license, mortgage, etc. i'd already sent off for a new birth certificate, but i suppose it's best to have one on hand, and one that i can find.

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  1. I saw this photo on FB & wondered if it was the same XC ski trails that we were on that winter.