Tuesday, November 9

a sad day

unfortunately, today is the day that i had to have my girl cat lexus put down.

because of her behavioral problems, she would not have made a house cat for anyone else, and having been a house cat for years, she wouldn't have lasted long on the farm or ranch.

her misbehavior was getting out of hand, and now that i share the house with scott, i didn't think it was fair to ask him to put up with it. plus, we have two dogs and a cat still left, which is plenty of craziness.

so, the tough decision was finally made. it was a good three years that i had her, and she was a very quiet and sweet cat.

in other news, i'm just in buffalo tonight, having finished up five winter cattlemen's interviews today, and two more scheduled for tomorrow morning. that's half of my share for the edition, and i'm very excited and relieved that i'm off to such a good start.