Monday, November 8

sad news

according to the national weather service in riverton:

'first measurable snowfall expected across much of central wyoming tuesday.... the mild and dry weather that has been experienced across much of central wyoming during the last couple of weeks will come to an end by tuesday.'

we're supposed to get a strong pacific winter storm that's currently over the great basin. although we won't have much snow accumulate with how warm the ground still is, it will be cold and wet. the mountains are supposed to get more, with up to a foot expected in the winds, the owl creeks, the big horns and casper mountain. although we all knew it was coming... i hate to see autumn leave. it was so pretty.

on a good note, scott, with a little help from me over lunch, got the yard raked today. talk about mountains of leaves! i couldn't' believe how much we had on our little patches of lawn. i really wanted to get that done before it all got wet and plastered to the sidewalk and stuck in the grass.

well, it's 5 p.m., and it's dark out, and scott's got a fire going at home. time to leave the office!

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