Tuesday, December 7

Christmas gifts

The few months before Christmas are some of my favorites, because I begin the brainstorm and search for gifts for the people in my life. I've got it just about finished up at this point, with a few things I need to pick up in town, and a few things still on the way through the postal system. And one thing that should have been here long ago... checking into that one.

Recently I put in another order that makes use of one of my favorite passtimes:

I went through my files and chose some of my favorite Wyoming ranch photos, most taken in the last year. Curiously enough, most of my favorites involve snowy scenes. Who would have thought? I'm excited to share the calendars!

I ordered them from Vistaprint, the same place from which I ordered our wedding invitations, so I'm fairly confident the quality will be good.

Excited to share the rest of my gifts with people come Christmastime!

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  1. I always feel kinda sad when I run out of presents to shop for...people applaud me for getting done early, but then I don't get to join in the hustle and bustle. You would be proud of me though; I'm sewing a lot of my presents this year!