Monday, December 6

Fatty fat fat

Just an update on the mares.... Jazz is definitely bred at this point, and I'm 90 percent sure that April is. She's a month and a half behind Jazz, so she isn't showing near as much as Jazz. You can definitely see Jazz's growing belly in the photo above, taken out at Trav's over the weekend. Jazz should foal in late March, while I don't expect April until mid- to late-May.

Still hoping for at least one horse colt, and two would be ideal! I need some geldings to ride, as they're easier to take places, and we frequently help the neighbors and haul around the country. Most ranchers prefer all geldings, as strange mares tend to cause conflict amongst the geldings if they're housed in the same corral or pasture. So, with my mares, we always have to make arrangements and keep them separate when I take them places.

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