Wednesday, December 1

Christmas tree trimmings

So there it is, my Christmas tree with ornaments!

I can't decide if the colors of the Christmas balls clash with the colored Christmas lights I have this year. What do you think?

Side view. I like strange and bright color combinations, so I think it's gradually growing on me. Especially at certain times of day. Some light makes it look better than others.

I used to have gobs of Christmas balls, but this year just about all of the bigger ones went on the tree, and I think it's well-covered.

And the back side, which faces the wood stove.

So far the girls have been good about leaving it alone, except the one branch that sticks out on the bottom they keep knocking into with their roughhousing, and occasionally the ornaments fall off.

Scott refuses to let me hang an ornament from his crooked-horn antelope.

The antelope itself looks a little to serious and stern to be messed with.

He did say that I could do something with his audad, so he might fall victim to the Christmas spirit. :-)

Otherwise, I haven't decorated much else inside apart from the tree. Today I got that membership to the Y, and went to my first Zumba class tonight. It's basically Latin dance moves for an hour, and it was a good workout and got me sweating. Maybe coordination will come with time!

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