Thursday, December 2

The Zumba class

So there I was, at the Casper YMCA at 6:15 last night, waiting for the Zumba class to start. I was relieved to find out I wasn't the only beginner, and also relieved to find out that everyone doing the class didn't already look like these two girls in the photo at right.

Our instructor is probably about my age, and she was very friendly and engaging, and she showed me some of the simple steps the routine is based on.

That doesn't mean it helped much!

The women in the class are a great variety of young and old, and from all social circles, it appears. I didn't want to join a class full of wealthy skinny women in designer exercise clothes.

When the class got about ready to start, all the other women lined up along the back of the gym and I, for sure, didn't want to be the only one standing in front of them. But, then they gradually moved up a little, and I assumed a space in the middle.

And from then on, I concentrated very hard. It was obvious who had been there learning it for a while, and who was the newbie. Basically, it's one big hour-long line dance to Latin music. As much as I've come to think of line dancing as a dumb ritual that city people do (ahem. Denver. Grizzly Rose.) I guess I can do it in the name of fitness. :-)

I was pleased to find out that I actually did start feeling tired. At first I was thinking it wouldn't be intense enough exercise, but the longer one does it, the more you feel it. And I'm sure it will be a harder workout once I stop wandering through the steps and actually catch on and can anticipate the moves. I'm telling you, it wasn't very pretty at times.

The Y has Zumba classes every night of the week. Monday, Wednesday, Friday are the regular routines, and Tuesday and Thursday are the toning routines, where light hand weights are also used. The instructor said the weights are two pounds, and I'm thinking that's not very much. I wonder, once I get the hang of it, if I could bring my own weights a little heavier.

So, I plan to return tonight, especially since there's no class tomorrow because of a Zumba party they're having downtown. This new foray has also piqued Heather's interest, and she plans to come with me. Then we can look dumb together. :-)

One thing - I do hope I catch on and make it harder, because I'm not sore at all, and I should be.


  1. I sure hope no one looked like that guy either - yikes.

  2. I am using 5 lb. weights with Jillian's 30 day shred & they are killing me. I thought the same thing as you that a lighter weight wouldn't be enough since I carry heavy buckets, etc. I do see some improvement with my endurance as I progress. I think the Zumba class sounds like fun. So much better to exercise with a group than by yourself where the temptation to quit is greater.