Tuesday, December 14

Hi, Bye

The crazy Christmas countdown is in full swing. The deadline for Winter Cattlemen's was last Friday, and just this morning I sent Tracy the last article she needed to fill out the edition. As much work as it always is, I just got the proof from her, and it looks great. The cover's good, the inside flows nicely and I like it. I hope the people of Johnson County enjoy it as well.

Doesn't it look so great and Christmasy and wintry? 

Right now I'm sitting at the Parkway Plaza hotel and convention center here in Casper, because the Wyoming Stock Growers Association winter convention is in full swing. Yesterday was mainly filled with committee meetings, and thankfully today's presentations are a little more interesting. Working on two articles for this week's cover on a keynote address from yesterday - that one's done - and the Wyoming governor-elect's address, which he just gave during lunch.

Tonight Scott and I will return to the Parkway to attend the evening banquet. I'm looking forward to having him meet a lot of the people I work with on a daily basis.

My attention has already turned to the three regular weekly editions that must be done by next Wednesday. Starting with this week's of course, which is on regular timeline, and then what we call the "Christmas paper" and the "New Years paper" due next Monday and Tuesday. Ideally, they will both be put together and proofed before we head for Iowa on Thursday.

We do those two papers all in a rush so that the entire Roundup staff can take off the week between Christmas and New Year's. It's a great arrangement, and a reward that's worth the stress to get there.

We're getting seven heifers from my dad, so Scott is busy figuring out the best plan for them, and making sure his livestock trailer and truck are ready to go, while I'm doing my best to keep a mental list of the packages I still need to send, the gifts I still need to pick up and what I need to wrap. Much less packing my own things to take to Iowa! (Scott has already decided which shirts he's bringing)

This Friday is the Roundup Christmas party, and Saturday evening is Scott's mom's birthday party at Poor Boy's Steakhouse.

Much, much to do yet before we can be in the truck headed east, and I can relax....

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