Thursday, December 16

A snowfall

In the midst of finishing up this week's paper this morning - got it just about licked - but I wanted to pause a few seconds to share these photos of the lovely snowfall we got yesterday.

Our eight inches of snow fell just about all day long. Yesterday it was very warm, so a wet snow, but not so this morning. It was below zero when we woke up this morning, and everything is icy and frozen solid today. So that means whatever surfaces I didn't get cleaned off yesterday are impossible today. Like my car. I didn't even try to get the snow off and warm it up. Much easier to hop in the truck again.

Let me just point out the cozy curls of smoke that are coming from our stovepipe. A great morning for a fire! I filled the stove full before I left for work this morning, and it will still be nice and warm in there tonight, especially if I add some more pieces when I'm on break this afternoon.

Yesterday I finished a few more pieces of Christmas shopping, and picked up one for Scott, and got his mother's birthday gift, so progress is being made. Today Hobby Lobby is on the list of places to stop, as well as the post office for a few boxes that need to head to Iowa and Missouri.

Here's hoping the sunshine melts some ice today!

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