Tuesday, December 21

The list goes on

Well, as I hope you've assumed, things have been pretty busy around here, and I haven't had much time for updates or uploading photos. Here's a little of what we've been up to:

• Wyoming Stock Growers convention finished as a success. Lots of good things to write about for the paper, including many updates on upcoming legislative issues. General Session starts Jan. 11!

• Roundup Christmas party at the office, and accompanying evening out at the Beacon. It's been a while since I've been out late, and it was fun to hang out with Heather, Tracy and Alvy.

• Scott's mother's birthday party at Poor Boy's Steakhouse. Martinez family and company, and the customary insanity.

• The last of Christmas gift shopping.

• Knocking on my old apartment door to try to reclaim a Christmas gift I mistakenly sent there. No answer, and I might be out of luck. Who keeps a package that's not theirs? Low-lifes, that's who. That's why I left the apartments. Melissa can blame them for being short a Christmas gift.

• Trip to Big Lots to get Foxy a supply of rawhide to last through her and Lucy's Christmas week spent at Grandma Martinez's house. She's a chain chewer. One after the other.

• Several trips to the post office.

• Dec. 25 paper just about finished up, and Jan. 1 paper in the works. They should both be all proofed and wrapped up by Wednesday evening.

• Watching the weather and road conditions. Both look a little iffy for Thursday, our driving-to-Iowa day.

• Laundry. Which, these days, consists of hanging everything to dry. The new dryer won't be delivered until Jan. 3.

• Reviewing the final printed edition of Winter Cattlemen's, and very pleased with the final product.

• Dropping off Scott's and my jeans to be starched so we'll be presentable during our trip to Iowa.

• Convincing Scott I haven't even gotten around to shopping for a Christmas gift for him. He'll, hopefully, have a delightful surprise come Saturday. :-)

• Getting started on wrapping Christmas gifts.

• Watching Scott start loading things into his truck and horse trailer in preparation for Iowa about 23 days ago. Maybe it wasn't that long ago, but now he'll be done with his stuff and he can help me pack mine. :-)

• Printing 350 pictures and putting them in two photo books to have available for people to look through at our Iowa wedding reception Jan. 1. It's easier to show people than try to explain. Once book encompasses Scott's and my first year spent together, and all the adventures we had, and the second covers late summer, the Pendleton trip and fall work so far.

• Taking numerous orders for pork we're bringing back from Iowa. So far we're up to four-and-a-half pigs, and perhaps that will be an even five by the time it's over.

• Stopping by Odds and Ends last weekend, and deciding it's no longer my favorite store. I don't like the new owner. He's aloof, and has raised prices. What's the point of a thrift store if people think twice about spending money? The whole point is that things are supposed to be so cheap people can't resist taking them home.

• Trying to keep a running mental list of everything I still need to do before we leave. Two evenings and one morning left to get it all done!

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