Thursday, January 20

Things accomplished so far this week

Well, I haven't really done or taken pictures of anything too great or exciting this week, thus the lack of posting. This is a little bit of the everyday things we've been up to around Casper and 1406 S Lincoln:

- Scored a tree's worth of firewood when I arrived home one afternoon to find the neighbors were taking down one of their trees. All we had to do was pick it up and stack it in our yard.

- Cleaned the basement. That was a task long-postponed, after the dogs decided to de-stuff their two dog beds, which resulted in pink and green polyfill fluff all over. I finally had to clean, as it was started to encroach into the bedroom and even up the stairs to the kitchen.

- Cleaned the refrigerator. It occurred to me that I hadn't deep-cleaned that kitchen appliance at all since I moved in - just the surface wipes now and then - and it feels much better to know the entire thing has been cleaned in hot, soapy water. It needed it, turns out, and I had lots of help from all three of the kids.

- Made BLTs last night for dinner. Scott's been craving them, and they did turn out quite tasty. I'm not a fan of the Lewright's Meat bacon from our pig, though. It's sliced too thin, and really shrivels up when cooked. Williams Locker is much better, although the smoked pork chops from Lewright's are really good.

- Watched Biggest Loser. It's become a Tuesday night tradition, and I think Scott's even getting involved now. In the new season that just started, Rulan Gardner from Star Valley in western Wyoming, the gold medal Olympian, is participating, so it's fun to watch him and his naturally competitive spirit. I heard him speak once at a banquet in Cheyenne, and I liked him.

- Went back to Zumba class. It had been since before Christmas that I'd last been. Despite seriously sprained toe from kicking puppies on Sunday morning, I went and jumped around for an hour, and was sorry for it. After a couple days' rest I'm going to attempt it again tonight. The toe is still sore, but not like it was.

- Meetings this week for work. Monday was Independent Cattlemen of Wyoming (ICOW) in Douglas, Tuesday afternoon was Roundup staff meeting, and Wednesday was the Wyoming Weed Management annual meeting here in town. Next week I'll be gone a lot, with a trip to Cheyenne on Monday afternoon/Tuesday for a hearing about the state beef checkoff before the House Ag Committee, and then driving to the other corner of the state for a two-day event that Northwest College is hosting in Powell. Then I'll stay up in the Big Horn Basin for the weekend, as Scott and Bob are also going up to load hay from a friend north of Thermopolis.

- Almost done with Baby Seehusen's 'welcome to the world' gift. :-)

- Right now just waiting for this week's proof of the paper to arrive so I can print it off and take a look.

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  1. We are looking forward to seeing you at the "Spring Roundup" here in Powell. The Schedule is up at and there are still Red Steagall Tickets avaiable.