Friday, January 21

A wintertime trip to Jackson

Source: Daryl Hunter, Flickr
Well, after a scare that we had booked our rooms and all made our plans for the wrong weekend, it's been confirmed that our trip to Jackson in February on President's Day weekend is still a go, and that the cutter races are, indeed, that weekend and not Valentine's weekend.

"We" being Scott and myself, along with Bob and Becky and friends Rick and Shannon from Meeteetse. I don't remember exactly when the plan was hatched, but we've had our rooms booked at the Antler Inn in Jackson for quite some time.

I'm excited to go. My four-and-a-half years spent in Wyoming have led me to Jackson on several occasions, but always just passing through, or there on business, so I'm looking forward to going on a trip for "play." Although, I guess the managing editor is coming out in me, because I have three interviews in mind that I'll try to schedule for while we're there. Two will go in our upcoming Horse Edition, and the third will be a feature for the cover of our regular weekly.

The "cutter races" are actually no longer run with cutters, but rather with lightweight chariots pulled by a pair of racehorses over a quarter-mile, and they're a big deal in some circles in Wyoming, with races held around the state all winter long. I tried to find a great photo that sister Melissa took for an article in the Roundup about the races held in Riverton, but I'm not sure I even have it in my files. I'm looking forward to taking my camera and hopefully getting some dramatic race shots to share.

Also coming up in February is a potential Superbowl party, and also a snowshoeing/hot chocolate party on Feb. 13 to celebrate both my birthday and Valentine's Day. Looking forward to all three events!

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