Wednesday, February 2

Baby growing update

So, there's not a whole lot new to share on this front, but I thought an update might be timely, as I haven't really said anything about it since sharing the news...

So far, so good, pretty much sums it up. I have been slightly sick on more than one occasion, but nothing I can complain about. One night I didn't eat enough food along with my prenatal vitamins, and was sorry for it. Scott ended up bringing me a slice of bread to nibble in bed. Otherwise, as long as I keep fed I'm almost good to go. I bring Oatmeal Squares cereal with me when I'm traveling and in meetings, and it makes a good snack to tide me over.

I've been eating a lot of whole grains, vegetables, lettuce salads, sandwiches, yogurt... really nothing different than usual. I did get some sweet potatoes and roasted them in the oven with a little olive oil, salt and pepper - the way my mom fixed them when we were in Iowa and they were so good - because sweet potatoes are supposed to be really good for you, as well as black beans, which I also like, and have a favorite salad recipe with a vinegar, lime juice and honey dressing. It's so good.

There are too many things that women aren't 'supposed' to eat when they're pregnant for me to keep track of, and I found myself forgetting until halfway through a meal, so I've thrown out the list and am just trying to eat healthy and carefully. Yes, *gasp* I am eating deli meat, some seafood like tuna and salmon, and the other weekend I did eat a couple eggs over-easy for breakfast in Thermopolis. And there was bleu cheese on that steak salad at Old Chicago, which didn't occur to me until I was halfway into it. Don't tell the pregnancy diet police.

At first I had an aversion to all things sweet, and to large quantities of meat, but I'm over that now. Still keeping away from the sweets, just because I don't need them in my diet, but have added meat back in and am enjoying eating steaks and pork roast again. :-)

When left to my own devices, I usually don't eat a lot of fruit, but many vegetables, so I have tried to make an effort to eat more fruit. Despite that, I still haven't consumed a banana on its own out of the last three bunches - good thing Scott likes to eat them - but I have used them to make banana flax waffles, which were delicious, and banana chip muffins, which I made whole-grain, sugar-free and added flax. Scott liked them, too. They're already all gone.

So with those slight diet adjustments, so far I've tightened my belt two holes... I think the majority of that came from the first weeks of January when I wasn't consuming much food at all. No noticeable weight gain yet, although the scale says it's happening somewhere, with just a pound or two added back at nine weeks now.

I have been back to Zumba several times, though with last week's travel, and yesterday's long trip to Worland and back, I haven't gone recently. Looks like I should be in town for a couple weeks now, unless I go back to the legislature in Cheyenne, so I'm hoping to get back into going consistently, just to keep up my exercise.

So that's pretty much all the baby news to date - the doctor appointment is still a couple weeks out yet, and Scott says then we'll know 'for sure.' I guess he won't believe it till he sees it.

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