Thursday, March 31

Because I didn't do anything 'pretty' last night

Last night after I got home from the office I didn't do anything worthy of blog photos...

I took the dogs for a walk on the wind-swept plain also known as the Casper Municipal Golf Course, and it wasn't very nice out, so no photos there. I did figure out the other day that the longest circle we take on our fetch/walking outings is three miles, so that's good exercise for the pregnant girl.

When we got home I had some celery for a snack, then went to the basement to help Scott put the new platform under the washing machine. The floor is sloped to the drain, so it's necessary to have a platform to level the machine. However, the one that's been there since we moved in was made out of thin plywood that was too flexible to keep the machine steady on the spin cycle, so Scott made one out of 2x4s that's much more solid. After the usual fussing around with making all the corners level again, I ran a load of laundry and I think we've got it much more sturdy and happy now.

While Scott was tinkering around with that, I started sweeping the laundry room and organizing some things, and that led to getting out my wash bucket and also washing the tile floor, which is in terrible shape, but at least it's clean now. The laundry room is so ugly I really don't want to post any public photos again until I start making improvements.

It's my new goal to work on house projects every evening at least until 7 p.m. I decided that leaving cleaning, sewing, building and rearranging projects until only the weekends will not result in my getting everything finished before the baby comes, so I've tried to be more diligent with my time in the evenings, and so far it's been working well, and last night I worked until after 8.

One such evening project this week has been hanging these photos in the bathroom:

For a very long time my house project list has included making one of the bathrooms into an island theme, with a few of my photos from the Prince Edward Island trip, and finally the first step is done! I still need to get some skinny white shelves to offer a little more display space for shells, etc. and also a shadowbox to recreate the beach art in the photo with the white flowers and 'PEI.' Yes, I still have the shells Melissa and I used, as well as the twigs. :-) They've been waiting patiently in a plastic bag.

But the upstairs bathroom is already so much more interesting with pictures hung! I will share photos once it gets a little further along...

This is a half-finished project in Scott's and my bedroom right now... a new shelving unit. I got the rest of the brackets mounted to the wall, but have yet to return to Menards to get the shelves... they were out of the cheap pine boards when we were there to purchase the brackets, and because I plan on painting or staining them, anyway, I wanted to just go with the least expensive, at $10 each for six-foot boards, as opposed to some of the lumber that ran as high as $30 per board.

These shelves will hold boots, hat boxes, jeans and all that miscellaneous stuff that we have in our bedroom that won't fit in the dressers. Mostly boots. I think between the two of us we have close to 20 pairs. It's not always a good thing, the way both of us like to add boots to our collections. :-)

This was the Feline Assistant while I was hanging the shelf brackets. He was laying off his duties that day.

And this is the Feline Assistant at the water bowl. I'm not really sure why he felt he couldn't stand for the 30 seconds it took him to get a drink from the bowl.

The photos below are some of my latest inspiration for baby/kids rooms:

After seeing this on Pop of Red, a red crib is a *must-have.* It's so pretty.

This dresser I also found on Pop of Red.

And if we end up with a little girl, either with this first baby or another along down the line, she will have to grow up loving color, because as long as I still make the decisions, her room just might look something like the one above, found at House of Turquoise. The room below is also at House of Turquoise.

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