Friday, April 1

Demo: The cheap part of a project

Yesterday evening Scott and I got started on step one of what could potentially be a long and expensive project. It involves the awkward deck/yard on the north side of the house, which, for the last year, has been used only by the dogs.

Of course the two stooges helped.

Scott had a couple crowbars on hand, which were needed for some of the boards, but really the whole thing is so rotted out that most times we could just grab them and pull them up.

By being able to pull them up by hand, we were able to make progress a lot more quickly.

Some of the squares came up in entire chunks. This is how the scrap piled looks today. We'll load it into the pickups, taking up more of the deck to fill them as needed, and take it out to the ranch tomorrow.

Eventually we'd like to level off this whole section of the yard - you can see how the fence starts sloping down to the left - and put in a retaining wall to extend the usable space. The area would also get an entirely new vinyl fence, as the wood there is also in pretty poor shape.

But those big improvements will have to wait a while. We were going to try to get them all done this summer, but with the baby coming we don't know about the funding availability for such a project. For now, it will be nice to have the decking removed, and perhaps the upper portion of the weird picket fence thing.

So that way my 'until 7 o'clock' evening project last night. This new plan results in lots of things getting done!

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