Thursday, March 17

Cows + Calves = Spring!!

Something new on the Roundup's Facebook page is the occasional opportunity for our page fans to submit photos to correspond with an assigned theme, and in this week's paper we're running calving season photos. Even though it might still be bitterly cold and snowing when the earliest ones hit the ground, the arrival of the first calves means that spring must be near. Here are a few of the photos our fans uploaded:

“This calf was waiting in the branding corral for his turn! His face is priceless, and the question on his mind: you’re going to do what??????” says Lacee Sims of this Spring 2010 photo in Uinta County.

“These two girls weren’t far from calving, and just couldn’t stand to see any hay wasted over the snowbank!” says Jennifer Roberts, who submitted this photo taken by her mother-in-law Leisa Roberts of Merna.

Stephanie Russell of Wheatland says she loves the white faces on their Hereford calves. 

A Hereford calf gets some breakfast near Meeteetse. Britt Whitt photo

“Our mommas and babies enjoyed the bare ground after a Chinook ate the snow and the fog lifted,” says Don McDowell of Hells Gap, north of Fort Laramie. 

“Oftentimes we have to contend with spring snowstorms during calving – not much we can do about that! Thank goodness most cows know how to take care of their calves – here’s hoping we have a nice spring for calving!” says Jennifer Roberts of Merna in western Wyoming. 

Kim Bell submitted this photo of a heifer realizing she’s had her first calf.

Our own small bunch of cows won't start calving until mid-April, so I won't have any of my own springtime calf photos until then. Hopefully in another month the grass will be growing and there will be more than baby calves to signal that spring has arrived!

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