Wednesday, March 16

Sneak Peak: Baby Ehlers project

A portion of last weekend I spent working in my sewing room on my next project, the one for Baby Ehlers, the daughter of college friends Amy and Caleb, who now live in Kansas City. First thing Saturday morning, after breakfast, Scott went out to help one of his brothers trim trees, and the girls didn't get to go with, so of course I had them underfoot, helping me with my project.

Foxy thought sewing was a little boring at times.

Sneak Peak: This is the fabric I'm using for the project. It's going to be very girly with a little bit of sparkle, but I think it will be just perfect for the new baby girl, who is due to arrive April 8.

Link hesitated to come into the sewing room because of the dog presence, but he eventually tip-toed in and reclaimed his position as Feline Helper. So then all four of us were my little sewing room. At least I had all of them to talk to and ask advice about the project. :-)

Sneak Peak: Here's pieces of the fabric beginning to be sewn together. We made good progress, and it's about half done at this point.

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  1. Ooooo, I'm excited! Love the fabrics! And unfortunately my due date was pushed to April 13, but hey, it's all a guessing game anyway and she'll come when she's ready :-)