Monday, March 14

Out with the old: the first step to a baby room

This weekend I stuck around the house and got a lot done, including a good start on my next sewing project, raking the yard - it was a gorgeous spring weekend, and spending lots of time in the basement yesterday, with the goal of getting all the non-baby furniture out of the baby room.

Once all of our dressers were moved out into our bedroom, which included taking apart and moving the bed to the opposite end of the room, and moving all the hat boxes, boots and other odds and ends that accumulate, I was able to vacuum and deep clean before unrolling my new baby room rug.

I ordered it from the company Dash & Albert, who I found through the nursery inspiration blog LayBabyLay. Now that I know who Dash & Albert is, I am seeing their rugs more frequently, and most recently in my new Martha Stewart magazine.

I love the stripes, and I love the colors. It's appropriate for my nursery theme that they named it "Ranch Stripe." From the rug I'll draw the patterns and colors for the rest of the room, including a definite new window treatment. It's high time the pink/red sheers disappear, as I've just been ignoring them until now. The gold chair and ottoman are a find at Odds and Ends when they were still good, and I've had plans for a couple years now to make a slipcover for them, and I've even had the fabric that I wanted to use, but it didn't go with anything else in my house. Now I will be able to use it, because the powder blue and white pattered upholstery will coordinate perfectly with the rug.

So I feel like we made a big step forward over the weekend in preparing for the baby, because diving in and getting all those dressers moved and the bed rearranged was a big task. Thanks to Scott for patiently helping me. :-)

I'll take some pictures of the new bedroom arrangement once it's to a point where it's a little more finished... I didn't get to finish up the details yesterday because we ended up going to dinner with Uncle Sonny and Aunt Carole from Kaycee and cousin Griff, whose birthday is today. Finishing the details includes hanging some new shelves and a shelving unit on one of the open walls for our boot/hat storage, which we desperately need. I've come to realize we can never have too many shelves or hooks in our house. I also want to hang some of our yet-unused art in the bedroom space, some of which we received as wedding gifts.

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  1. Can't wait to see how you decorate the rooms!