Monday, March 14

Weekend breakfasts are best

Saturday morning Scott and I stumbled upstairs around 7, which is really 'sleeping in' for us, and I set about getting something together for breakfast. I love making egg dishes in the skillet, because it's a chance to use up a lot of the little containers of leftover odds and ends that tend to collect in my refrigerator. In the skillet above it was onions, a few strips of bacon, some ham and half a can of mushrooms. I started with the onions and gradually added the other ingredients in their cooking order so they were nice and sauteed and flavorful before I added the egg mixture.

The egg mixture consisted of about four eggs - one of them was leftover in a container, a failed attempt at separating an egg for another recipe. Add to that a splash of milk and some salt and pepper.

Pour the egg mixture over the vegetables, with the skillet over medium heat, and let it set up for about 30 seconds before beginning to stir and scramble.

Keep scrambling until the eggs are set up, but be careful not to overcook, or the eggs will 'weep,' and you'll end up with water in your scrambled egg dish.

The staples that must always be in my refrigerator are fresh vegetables and lots of dairy in several forms, and one thing we never run out of is cheese. I used to buy pre-grated cheese, but then saw the light of how much better freshly-grated cheese is. It's so much softer and lighter and fluffier, and it really is worth the extra work of grating it. Usually I grate a little extra so we have some on hand in a container for salads, soups or whatever else. On Saturday morning it was a topping for the eggs.

It was Scott's idea to put the egg mixture on leftover tortillas from the Mexican restaurant the night before. I had fixed this plate for him and given it to him before I remembered to take a picture, and thus the first tortilla was half-way to his mouth when I made him pause for a photo. :-) He says I take too many pictures. I tell him it's digital - there's no such thing as too many pictures!!

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