Tuesday, April 19

Cowboy Color

Amidst my more mundane responsibilities of the paper's week-to-week details, occasionally I build ads for people. This time of year, I'm working on an ad for Moss Saddles, Boots and Tack here in Casper. Business owner Susan and I decided to go for a whole new look for her ad, so this afternoon I loaded an armful of boots into my car and headed out to the pasture where our cows are.

I was hoping to get some neat shots with the boots in the foreground and the cattle in the background. Unfortunately, it was chilly today, and there was a pretty stiff wind out there, so they were all hid down in the tall sagebrush. So I had to settle for clouds and short sagebrush as my setting.

In the process of finding the angles I liked best I kneeled in a cactus patch, of course. Good thing I went when I did, though, because just a few minutes ago it was snowing like crazy here in town, and all sunshine has disappeared.

I'm excited to build an ad for Susan, I will probably use an effect-free photo like the one above. It has to be vertical to best fit the format of the ad. Our Horse Edition is fun to build ads for, because it's a glossy magazine format, and if you take the time to build pretty ads they'll print pretty, too. :-)

Otherwise today I've organized the rest of the weekly paper, did some Horse Edition interviews for my articles and met up with intern Tressa for an interview here in town. Just the normal, busy paper things.

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  1. These are awesome pics - love how they are the same pic with different "moods"!