Wednesday, April 20

The north deck is done for

Well, a week and a half ago we finished tearing out the decking in the north yard. It was a tough job - Lucy was tired when we got through.

We had torn up a little less than half of it the previous evening we'd worked on it.

It's a shame that all those cedar 2x4s went to a rotting waste. But on a good note, the dogs found all sorts of lost treasures as we pulled up the boards.

All told, we had three pickup boxes full of wood that went to the dump up at the ranch.

It was drizzling and muddy by the time we got done, so I didn't get to rake and clean up the second half of the dirt.

Foxy was tired, too. It was hard work.

So now, the next step is to tear out the fence, put in a retaining wall and put up a new fence. Not sure when we'll get to that, because of the expense, but it sure will be a nice yard space when it's all done.

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