Monday, April 18

A splash of cowhide

Remember a few weeks back, when I posted about my new armoire for the baby's room?

When I first got it, I thought I'd paint it. But the more I think about it, the more this idea looks like a much better look for it:

My mom found the photos and tutorial at this blog post, and it's a perfect look for the ranch/farm theme I'm planning for our nursery. I checked out eBay, and looks like remnants of cowhide can be found for an ok price, although it might be tricky to get big enough remnants to cover the large doors of the armoire.

I've always loved hair-on cowhide... I'd love to have a hide rug, but know that, with the use our house gets between people and pets, it's not a good idea to spend the money on something that's bound to get very worn and dirty. So putting it on dresser or armoire fronts is the next best thing. :-) And I'm bound to have some small hide pieces left after the project, so perhaps I could make a patchwork pillow from them - another look I love.

Once I measure the armoire doors and drawers I'll start ordering some pieces from eBay, and hopefully add that project to my 'completed' list in the near future. Then Scott and I have to figure out how to get it down the basement steps to the baby room....

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